Sunday, April 15, 2012

When things are going wrong

Read James 4:1-10
When things are not going our way we tend to start complaining. What we should do is start exaiming ourself. Here James gives us five imperative verbs to help us do that very thing. If we would at these five areas our problems may not disappear, but they will get much easier to deal with. Here are the verbs with a definition:
Summit-accept or yield to a superior force; subject to a process; agree to refer to another for a decision. Verse 7 tells us to summit to God. Again if things are not going your way let God start making some decisions. You may be amazed  at the results.
Resist- to be in oppostition too; set oneself against. Again verse 7 tells us to resist the Devil. Man fell to sin in the garden. Because of that we all have fallen from the place God made us to sit at and have fellowship with him. Here James is telling us when Satan comes at us with that temptation we desire because of our fallen state to resist. Don't happily join in as we sometimes have done.
Draw- to move in space in reference to a known point; to make near. The uses of the greek here inply slowly as opposed to quickly.
Verse 8 tells us to draw near to God. The two easy ways to do that is Bible study and prayer. Daily Bible study has to start with reading the Bible daily. I have found daily reading will lead to daily study. The scripture tells us to pray continually. The greek there is the same word we get our word hacking from. Like in hacking cough. We should learn to pray about every thing like that hacking cough will not stop we need to not stop praying.
Cleanse- make clean; innocent
Verse 8 tells us to cleanse our hands. The innocent part of the definition struck me. If we can just keep our hands innocent our life would get better very quick.
Purify-to consecrate; to sanctify; ceremonial washing
Verse 8 tells us to purify our heart. We need to ask God to show us the things inside us we need to change. It is the work of sanctification, we all need it to improve our life's.
 Things just not going well for you. These five verbs will help.  


  1. Great message! :-)

  2. I love this being you something to think about at 3 a.m.!!