Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The First Year of Jesus's Ministery

Here is a chart form a book called "Jesus Christ The Greatest Life".

Notice the relationship between the Roman calendar and the Jewish calendar.
Let's look at John 2:13-22
In this passage Jesus clears the temple the first time. The clearing discussed in Mark 11:15-19 is believed to occured just before the crucifixion.
It had become custom for sellers to be at the temple, providing animals to be sacrificed. During the passover Jews would travel in from long distances and instead of bring in the unblemished of their floc. They would buy an animal to sacrifice. I'm sure they felt this was simpler than transporting an animal. Was this a violation of the law?
I remember a supervisor I had one time, that told me for important things if you have to ask the question is it right. You where wasting your time answering it.
How many things about Christianity do we try to simplify? I am all for keeping our walk with God fresh, but is it suppose to be easy?
Then there is the question of the money changers. Is it right to make a profit off of Gods work? I was watching one of the Holy channels the other day and a famous preacher was talking about a airport he built on his ranch to land his plane so he would not have to land at the local airport and drive home. I'am not going to answer this question here I want you to read this and you answer the question. I believe the man of God should be taken care of. That does not have to be by $ all the time. At my church people take care of things so I can "make tents" and have time for my family. I am well taken care of without $ changing hands. I would be afraid to make a vast profit from Gods work. If you make a profit form doing God's work I am not telling you that it is wrong. You need to decide for yourself.

Jesus words here is do not make my fathers house a house of trade. I have seen some go to an extreme and tell singers they could not sell CD's in the church, but would let them sell them in the parking lot. I'm not sure how that is different. Seems legalistic to me. This passage should make you think. This is one I will just raise the questions and let the Holy Spirit lead you.

The Bish

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