Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hi, my name is Jack Epperson. I am the Bishop of Fairview Worship Center in Cleveland Tennessee. As I have told many of you, God has been leading me to start a blog for some time. I use to write a letter every week for the Sunday bulletin at a church I use to attend. I called it The Last Word. I got the name from two brother arguing in a restaurant one time. They argued about a topic for ten to fifteen minutes. Finely, they just started saying last word, last word. Each wanting to get in the last word.
The thought came to me there in the resturant, we are like that toward God. God will give us clear direction. We tend to give every reason we can't do what God wants. But requrdless how much we say different God will get the last word. God always gets the last word.
In this blog I will attempt to remind you that God WILL get the last word. I will be funny some times and serious some times. But as God's children we need to be reminded he will always get the last word. I for one am glad he does. I have based my life on the fact that he knows best. I don't understand his will sometimes, but I know it is for my best.
I plan on posting at least once a week. Check back often as together we remind each other that God does get the Last Word.