Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fishers of Men

--Matt 4:13-16
Narareth was never the saviors home during his public ministry. He lived in Capernaum till he left Galilee six months before the crucifixion

Mark 1:16-20
Matthew 4:18-22
Luke 5:1-11

Luke includes the story of the great catch
Three of these four had been disciples and been following Jesus. When Jesus came back to Galilee they where making money fishing. Here he calls them to full time ministry. Our calling can change from time to time. Seldom does it require use to make a complete change. Pastors may be an exception. For most of us God only asks us to be faithful where we are.

Fishers of men. Interesting concept.
--Must go where the fish are.
--Must use equipment
--Normally includes bait

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